The regulations governing air pollution control are becoming more encompassing and complex. GREENSMITH provides a variety of air quality management services for both traditional (particulates, SO2, etc.) and toxic air pollutants, such as: permitting, dispersion modeling, and preparing emission control strategies. Our experience includes providing air quality services across a broad range of industrial processes and emission controls. In addition to the design of emission control systems, GREENSMITH professionals have also designed the ventilation and capture systems for these control systems.

Our approach to an air quality project recognizes that any emission control strategy must be developed with prime consideration to the short and long term facility operating plans. GREENSMITH professionals work with the client's personnel to develop a clear understanding of current and future manufacturing plans, so that the operating permit can be structured to minimize the operating constraints on the facility. We recognize it is important that the records required by the permit conditions do not overly burden the operating personnel.


Title V.Small source construction and operating permits. Criteria pollutants.Hazardous air pollutants.PSD and Non-Attainment review. Development of process modifications and permit strategies to avoid cumbersome permitting requirement such as PSD and Title V.


Evaluation of emission control alternatives.Impact of emission sources on ambient air quality.Dispersion analysis for regulatory programs.


Recommend the most effective air pollution control strategy for a manufacturing facility or process. Incorporation of process modifications into the design of a pollution control system.Design of:BaghousesAcid ScrubbersEthylene Oxide ScrubbersCarbon Adsorption SystemsVentilation Systems for Process Operations.


Selection and design of control equipment appropriate to the chemicals emitted. Permitting of toxic air pollutants sources (including Title V permits).Negotiation of permit conditions with the agencies. Presentation of programs on toxic air pollutant issues for employees.

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