Generators of waste, particularly hazardous waste, have a "cradle to grave" responsibility for the proper management, storage, and disposal of waste material. GREENSMITH can assist private and public sector clients in economically managing their waste while complying with environmental regulations.

A facility's current waste management practices may not be the most economical solution. GREENSMITH can evaluate a client's waste handling practices and recommend improvements to the waste handling process. By evaluating the raw materials used and the wastes generated by each manufacturing process, GREENSMITH professionals have successfully reduced waste generation and the associated disposal costs from many industrial processes.


Preparation of Contingency, Closure, and Training Plans. Preparation of Part B Permits. Design, construction, sampling, remediation, and closure of hazardous waste container storage areas, tanks, surface impoundments, landfills, and treatment facilities. Installation and operation of groundwater monitoring networks as well as sampling and reporting of groundwater data. Tank tightness testing. Employee training. Waste Minimization.


Evaluation of current waste management practices. Recommendation of improved waste management practices. Design and permitting of non-hazardous solid waste landfills. Waste Minimization.

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