The Phase I site assessment consists of a review of readily available information to determine the potential environmental liabilities associated with a piece of property. Information sources include:

· Records of legal title.

· Historical directories and maps.

· Aerial photographs.

· Regulatory agency databases identifying off-site sources of potential on-site environmental concerns.

· Internal documents concerning the property's environmental compliance program.

In addition to reviewing these documents, a physical inspection of the property is conducted for evidence of potential environmental concerns. The site assessment results in the preparation of a report identifying areas of potential concern and recommendations, if necessary, for additional investigations, such as sampling and analytical work. The majority of site assessments are concluded with the Phase I report. GREENSMITH conducts its site assessments in accordance with generally accepted practices and the procedures of the ASTM.

The Phase II site assessment implements the recommendations contained in the Phase I report. This usually consists of sampling of various media (soil, groundwater, building materials, etc.) to determine the type and extent, if any, of environmental issues at a site. A report is issued with a summary of the sampling and analytical results, recommendations of further actions, and potential costs associated with additional site investigation and/or remediation.

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