The information and data developed during the investigation phase of an environmental site restoration project governs the subsequent phases of the project. GREENSMITH develops strategic and detailed approaches to the site characterization process to provide a cost-effective solution. Our site investigations are undertaken with a view to the data requirements of subsequent activities, such as remediation planning and design, risk assessment, and negotiations with regulatory agencies.


QualitativePurpose: Provide "real-time" data to guide field activities, focus more detailed site investigations, or develop remedial strategies. Soil gas analyzers for organic vapors and X-Ray fluorescence for metals. Chemical specific field test kits for PCBs, PNAs and other chemicals. Electrical resistivity for geology, background data and quality control. Quantitative Purpose: Characterize the site and provide the data necessary to design a remediation system or obtain site closure. Soil sampling using hand augers, hydraulic push samplers, and drill rigs. Groundwater sampling and pump testing of aquifer performance. Use of independent laboratories for analysis.


Types of Models include: Migration of chemicals from soil to groundwater. Fate and transport of chemicals in groundwater. Transfer of chemicals from soil or groundwater to air. Human and environmental exposure models. 3-D Models: Visualization of complex geology. Plumes from multiple sources. Pre- and post-remediation conditions.


Design, installation, and sampling of groundwater monitoring networks appropriate to chemicals of concern. Statistical analysis of laboratory data. Quality Control/Quality Assurance of analytical data.

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