GREENSMITH professionals continue to study their respective fields of expertice for new methods, technologies and theories that may improve the results of site investigations, modeling and remediation. These professional engineers and scientists bring decades of experience and study to the design and performance of each project.


The principal partners at GREENSMITH are William M. Green, P.G. and Michael L. Smith, P.E. Descriptions of their respective qualifications follow:


William M. Green, P.G.
Principal Hydrogeologist


Mr. Green has multi-disciplinary experience providing environmental engineering and design/build construction services. Mr. Green manages site investigation design, investigation field activities and data analysis. Mr. Green is responsible for RCRA and other site characterizations, chemical fate and transport modeling, three-dimensional plume modeling and site remediation activities. Mr. Green integrates site business operations with remedial/construction design, and remediation/construction management. Mr. Green has extensive experience preparing bids, bid awards, contracts, and permits. This experience includes providing oversight of sub-contractors doing structural steel work, sewer work, electrical work, excavating, road construction, vault installation, foundations, piping installation, paving, and concrete work. Mr. Green is responsible for data quality assurance, establishing and maintaining budgets and schedules, establishing site safety criteria, preparing and reviewing project reports, and presentations to clients and state agencies.

Michael L. Smith, P.E.
Principal Engineer


Mr. Smith has a broad background in providing environmental engineering and design build services. His background includes: landfill permitting, design, and remediation, site investigation and remediation, hazardous waste management and permitting, risk assessment, industrial wastewater control, and air quality services. Mr. Smith has acted as a project manager and a project director on many of these programs. In addition to being associated with consulting firms, Mr. Smith was employed as a Manager of Environmental Engineering for a national health care supply manufacturer.

He has served as Senior Engineer and Project Manager on site investigation and remediation projects involving impacts to both soil and groundwater. In addition to traditional sampling and data analysis techniques to present extent of impacted media, he has used state-of-the-art risk assessments to minimize or eliminate the amount of remediation required. Remediation technologies utilized on various projects include: vacuum extraction, chemical stabilization, bioremediation, air stripping, and UV oxidation.

Mr. Smith has provided mechanical engineering and project management services for a variety of tank removal and installation projects. These projects ranged in size from 500 gallons to 105,000-gallon systems with automated pumping and tank management controls.

Mr. Smith has been involved with RCRA related projects since the inception of the RCRA program. He has served as Senior Engineer and Project Manager for the preparation and completion of numerous RCRA Part B applications and modifications. Mr. Smith has analyzed companies' hazardous waste management practices, resulting in a reduction in the number of facilities requiring Part B permits and a reduction in the amount of waste generated. He has successfully completed closure of many units previously regulated as interim status facilities. In addition to hazardous waste management, his assignments include managing the permitting of solid waste landfills for industrial and municipal clients.

Mr. Smith has been involved in numerous real estate transactions and environmental assessments and audits. These have been conducted for single and multiple facility projects, including pharmaceutical, printing, chemical, consumer product manufacturing, steel mills, glass manufacturing, and metal fabrication operations.





































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