GREENSMITH can provide a variety of wastewater services, including: NPDES and pretreatment permits, user charges, compliance monitoring and reporting, and design of treatment and pretreatment plants. Our professionals have designed treatment plants for a variety of industries, including food products, organic chemical manufacturers, heavy manufacturing, and inorganic chemical manufacturers. These designs have included biological and physical/chemical treatment plants, as well as the design of sludge management systems.

Our wastewater projects are developed with the system's capital and operating costs as key considerations. GREENSMITH uses process and wastewater sampling as well as treatability studies in our efforts to develop cost effective solutions to a wastewater problem. Depending on the scope of the wastewater issue, these treatability studies can range in size from laboratory "bench top" studies to pilot plants treating several gallons per minute of wastewater.


GREENSMITH can assist you with the preparation of NPDES permits for process and non-contact cooling water discharges, NPDES permits for stormwater discharges from industrial, commercial, and construction sites, permits for discharges to municipal sewer systems. Additionally, GREENSMITH can aid in the negotiation of permit conditions and requirements with regulatory agencies.


GREENSMITH designs flow measurement and sampling stations and develops sampling programs required to comply with permit requirements. GREENSMITH can help you to prepare monthly and annual reports required for NPDES and municipal discharge permits. GREENSMITH can training your employees in the basic on-going sampling, analytical, and documentation procedures required by the permit.


GREENSMITH performs treatability testing to optimize design parameters. GREENSMITH prepares conceptual and final designs of treatment/pretreatment plants, biological plants, aerated lagoons, activated sludge trickling filters, physical/chemical plants, hexavalent chromium reduction, Neutralization/Precipitation sand filtration, activated carbon absorption systems.

Project Experience:

Health Care Manufacturer, Various Locations

Mr. Smith acted as the in-house consultant responsible for the operation, troubleshooting, and improvement of four biological and one physical-chemical treatment plants. These treatment plants represented several different designs, including: activated sludge, oxidation ditch, aerated lagoon, and oil removal. He recommended and implemented process changes, which enabled an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant that was out of compliance with its NPDES permit to return to compliance.

As production volumes increased, the treatment plants approached capacity. Mr. Smith developed a detailed analysis of the total production costs, including the costs of wastewater treatment and sludge treatment and disposal. This analysis demonstrated it was significantly more cost effective to implement production equipment changes and intensive waste reduction practices than to construct and operate larger wastewater treatment plants.

Construction Equipment Manufacturer, Central Illinois

Mr. Smith designed a physical-chemical treatment facility to remove oils and heavy metals from the wastewater at a complex heavy manufacturing facility. The manufacturing processes included: heat treating, painting, degreasing and others. Mr. Smith's had a variety of project responsibilities, such as: designing and implementing both a waster sampling program and pilot-plant studies, process design, report preparation, and preliminary design.

Paperboard Manufacturer, Central Illinois

Designed an aerated lagoon system for the treatment of process wastewater from the production of corrugated cardboard. Project consisted of sampling the wastewater discharge and using the analytical data for the design of the aerated lagoon system.

Organic Chemical Manufacturer, Central Illinois

Designed an activated sludge system for the treatment of process wastewater associated with the production of organic chemicals. Activities included wastewater sampling, data analysis, and process design. Several years later evaluated the efficacy of sand filtration and activated carbon as means to comply with additional regulatory requirements. Negotiated effluent limitations with the IEPA allowing the company to meet regulatory requirements while minimizing capital and operating expenses.

Steel Manufacturer, Northern Illinois

Mr. Smith was the Project Manager and prepared both process water and the Storm Water NPDES permit applications for all of the site discharges. One objective of the project was to minimize the number of outfalls which was accomplished by minimal rerouting of drainage patterns and analysis of similar manufacturing processes, reduced the number of discharges requiring sampling from more than 15 to 6. His major responsibilities included: developing and controlling budgets and schedules, assembling the project team, QA/QC, and analysis and negotiation of process conditions.

Underground Storage Tank Investigation and Remediation at a Heating Plant, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Green managed the design, installation and operation of a groundwater pump and treatment system, and coordinated its operation with the design, installation and operation of the site de-watering system. Mr. Green also, designed/permitted and rerouted 150 feet of combined storm-water/sanitary sewer, designed and supervised the installation of a temporary wastewater by-pass system, supervised site dewatering, water run-on/off control activities, and the excavation and disposal of 3,000 cubic yards of impacted soil. Mr. Green also performed bid preparation, bid awards, contract preparation, permitting and oversight of contractors doing structural steel work, sewer work, excavating, foundations, vault installation, sub-grade piping installation, paving, and concrete work.


















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