GreenSmith, Inc. (GREENSMITH) provides its clients with a broad range of environmental, engineering, and design/build services. GREENSMITH uses a proactive approach combined with innovative solutions of technical excellence to respond to our clients' environmental and construction needs. GREENSMITH teams with our clients so that the solution represented by the environmental or site renovation project is integrated into their overall business operations and construction activities.

Please examine this web-page version of our Statement of Qualifications which provides an overview of the services we offer and some of our project experience. GREENSMITH professionals offer more than 40 years of environmental and engineering experience on projects throughout the United States, including Phase I and II Site Assessments, site characterization, 3-Dimensional fate and transport computer modeling, site remediation, Brownfields Redevelopment, wastewater management, air quality services, RCRA Closures and design/build construction services.

The USEPA and some state agencies may provide funding for the investigation and development of Brownfield Sites in your city. GREENSMITH can assist you and your clients in identifying these sites and obtaining available grants and other funding mechanisms.

Please add GREENSMITH to your Approved Vendor List for Consulting and Design/Build Services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at tel. 847.910.7363, or via e-mail at


Site Remediation and Closure

Design/Build Construction

Environmental Assessment

Site Characterization

Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Services


Air Quality Management

Industrial Waste Management